About Preeti Kakkar

About Preeti Kakkar

Preeti Kakkar is a Dietician and Certified Diabetes Management Consultant actively practising for more than 20 years. She has been helping clients from all walks of life lose weight and keep it off. She has done her Master’s degree in (Food and Nutrition) and Certification in Diabetes Education from IDF.

She is passionate about healthy eating and wellness and helps her clients develop a healthy relationship with food. She offers personalised and client focussed nutrition counselling. She helps clients in achieving their health related goals by guiding them through small changes that can easily become long-term successes with patience and commitment to self.

She believes that maintaining fitness, following circadian rhythm and mindful eating are the stepping stones in leading a well-balanced life. She has a realistic and supportive approach.

Areas of Expertise

Preeti has vast experience in following areas-

Weight management (Weight loss and Weight gain)

Nutrition Counselling for Diabetes management and prevention

Women’s hormonal imbalances (PCOS, Menopause, Insulin Resistance)

free diets
Post –
Natal Diets

Diet for Hypertension, Acidity, Constipation

Diet modification for
lipid disorders